The Best Prepper Advice I Can Give You…


There’s something very meaningful about this video to me as it came through a very special transitional period within my life. In fact, I think it’s the most important video I’ve ever made. Not too long ago I made a request to my subscribers to comment on what they felt was the most invaluable lesson they’ve learned thus far with respect to their prepping endeavors. And while there were many excellent responses, I read out the top three that I felt were the most important. Having spent years ‘prepping’ and teaching preparedness skills my thoughts, motivations and sincere appreciation with respect to prepper community my personal, number one advice based on my experiences is also given.

Congratulations to Arthur Leslie for his comment which earned him a Mora knife with a Swedish Fire Steel ferro rod. The top 3 comments are as follows:

Arthur Leslie (WINNER!)

“#1 For Me: Trust My Instincts … With years of knowledge and experience, you can still make a mistake. The subconscious can be a true asset.”

Suzy Chaves (2nd Place)

“Hmm…Most valuable lesson is : To keep my positive will to survive mindset at all times : )”

DaddyOsInk (3rd Place)

“Always have a triple redundant fire kit because shit gets wet and things fail…. and always have a ‘moral booster’ whether it is a deck of cards, some instant coffee/tea(depending on where you are in the word)because you will have to break the ‘monotony of survival’… I personally keep a small vac sealed bag of instant coffee and a deck of cards in ALL of my kits.”

I’d like to humbly thank all those that participated and believe me when I say that it was a difficult decision to determine the top 3. The original contest video with all the exceptional comments from subscribers can be found here:

My Brilliant & Original 6k Sub Giveaway Idea – What do you and comments are always welcome…

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